27.Agosto.2018 - Anotações: 

Mensagem enviada ao Washington Post:

Dear Sirs -

Quoted title:
"Vatican’s ex-ambassador says Popes Francis, Benedict knew of sexual misconduct allegations against Cardinal McCarrick for years"
"In an 11-page letter, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said that the former archbishop of Washington had been privately sanctioned under Pope Benedict XVI for his alleged sexual misconduct."

Correct title should have also stressed that the Pope had sanctioned the Archbishop.
(If D.Trump/D.Trwitter had read the full article he immediatly would have aggregated to his beloved expression "fake news" a new one "distorted news"...
(But I shall not send him any copy of this remark, I promise...)
Luis C. Correia


Entretanto assinala-se o incrível comportamento de Kelli Ward. Só lido.

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